Monday, February 12, 2007

God NEVER made you a sinner/He is too Holy

God is Spirit John4:24 He made us in His image(Spirit)your flesh body is NOT your life, you are a spirit in God's image,dwelling in your flesh body called a Tent.God formed man from the dust of the earth,(Adam)also created He woman joined He them together(man & wife) telling them to multiply the earth.(Gen.1:27,28)
God is so Holy He cannot look upon sin.let's look at sin(called abominations to God see:1Cor.6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous (sinners)shall not inherit the Kingdom of God?Be NOT deceived;neither fornicators(sex without marriage),nor idolaters(who put anything or anyone before God),nor adulterers(sex outside of marriage)nor effeminate(some translations say homosexual),nor abusers of themselves with mankind(same as previous),nor thieves,nor covetous(desiring anything for yourself,of anybody elses),nor drunkards,nor revilers,nor extortioners,shall inherit the Kingdom of God.
For some reason,man has tried to do away with God, their very creator & heavenly Father, well, their very life ;for in God do we live ,move & have our being Acts17:28/you can run but you cannot hide from God,who is your very life.God is the same God from Gen. thru Rev.God is Spirit John4:24 invisible col.1:15,1Tim.3:16 was manifested in the flesh(Jesus)also John1:1-14 the Word(Jesus' name is the Word (Rev.19:13 )the Word Was God,who became flesh(Jesus)John14:8 -11 Jesus said,if you see Me you see the Father & you know Him.(please read the passages)2Cor.5:19 the Father was in the Son reconciling the world back unto Himself.Ex.3:13-15 & Deut.32:39 The father said ,"I AM HE" now seeJohn8:28 Jesus said, if you do not believe that "I AM HE" you will die in your sins.I will move along now,that you can clearly see Jesus was God in the flesh.
Do you know the story where God provided a ram for Abraham when he was about to sacrifice his son,Isaac? Well,God became flesh(Jesus,the Son)to lay His own life down for us....He provided a pure & spotless Lamb for our sacrifice 1Cor.5:7 Jesus '(body) is our Once & for all sacrifice!!!
Matt.5:17 Jesus did not destroy the law of Moses .The New Test. is not contradictory to the old test.BUT the fulfillment of the spiritual intention of the law-the law degenerated into legalism w/ the pharisees-(same as many of you do today)Jesus took the law Beyond the outward observance to the inner spiritual intention of God(the New Covenant with His Blood,written in our hearts & minds , we are His People & He is Our God.
Gal.3:24 the law is what has brought us to Christ
1Tim.1:9 The Law is for SINNERS (even tho you want to do away w/ it, you cannot, for you will be judged by God's entire Word.
See as follows & do read the passages for the security of your own soul & get to know God, who created you .
Lev.18 God's standards for us to live by
Ch.19 God teaches us Holiness in our personal conduct
Lev.20 are Punishments for our disobedience unto God
v.5 God will punish you for commiting spiritual prostitution,by worship of other gods(spirits other then God)also false doctrines not according to God's Word is also spiritual prostitution.
Deut.18:9-12 Necromancer -is one who asks the dead;it is clearly condemned & an abomination to God- you say, but they are not dead,they are in heaven alive.Well, their bodies died & to us, they are dead. my son,a born again Bible believing Christian is dead,although I know He is in the next life, alive unto God, but not to me.Understand? So, when you ask the dead, the certain ones that you are calling on, (if they are in heaven) cannot hear you)so demon spirits come up & possess you, it is called having familiar spirits ,forbidden by God.
Deut.27 are listed all the curses of God for the disobedient
Deut.28 are the consequences of disobedience to God
Deut.7:9 Know the Lord your God ,He is God,the faithful God which keeps covenant & mercy with them that LOVE HIM & Keep His commandments to a thousand generations (whch means ("FOREVER")
Numbers 25 learn how Israel commits harlotry(bowing to other gods(spirits,)
Deut.4:9 Keep your soul diligently,FEAR the Lord your God all of the days we shall live upon THIS EARTH & TEach our children...........
Proverbs6:16-19 are the 7 Deadly sins (that God hates)
Lev.26 are the penalties for Disobedience unto God
Rom.1:24-32 abominations to God
1Cor.6:9 abominations to God
Gal.5:19-21 whoever practices sins will NOT see Heaven(abominations)
lastly ex.20 God's commandments which He left for us to live by!!
Now, I ask you to think...if you do not know God's Word,how can you know what He forbids & the consequences?
You say,Jesus didn't say that(what is said in old test)well,why would God repeat Himself in the New Test?
We are born with sin nature,after fallen Adam;but we are not born sinners.All have sinned;Jesus was the only One to be sinless,because He was God in the flesh.
These are the last days that we are living in & soon, Jesus will come & rapture His Church of born again Believers 1Thess.4:16,17,before Great Tribulation Rev.3:10.
If Christ were to appear right now,would you be raptured(caught up)? or left Behind?
now you say,how can a loving God send me to hell because I sin or live a different lifestyle?WELL, God sends nobody to hell, the unrepentant sinner sends themselves to hell see Luke13:3 if you do not repent(turn away from your sins to Christ, you(your soul) will perish(in hell and the Lake=Mark9:45,46 & Rev.20:10-14, so you see, your eternal destination is your own choice.
God has already called you out of the world (sin & darkness) into the Light of His glorioius Son(Jesus Christ)your salvation.It is your choice, to serve sin ,the devil,death & hell or God & His Righteousness & everlasting life.
*****Psalm139:14 you were wonderfully made & your soul knows right well.
God put us here to walk with Him,for Him to dwell in us & through us,we are the temple of God 1Cor.3:16 & He dwells in us. God cannot dwell where sin is, sin cannot stand in God .In His Kingdom which is in us Luke17:21
I submit to you; a liar knows they sin & must repent, a thief knows that they sin & must repent,a fornicator knows they sin & must repent,an adulterer knows they sin & must repent;how is it others say they do not sin & were made to commit that sin,and have no sin to confess & repent of?
John14:6 Jesus is the Only way to the Father..............John3:3 Jesus said, you must be born again(this means a new spirit in Christ)or you will not see heavenEph.1:7 in Christ is your salvation or redemption & the forgiveness of your sins by His shed Blood............You cannot replace God with His own Body (known as the Son,Jesus Christ ;who is the Lord our God,they are ONE in the same Spirit, and you only kid your own selves by ignoring God & His word & loving darkness rather then light and remember 1Cor.6:9 do not be deceived NO sin enters Heaven.
We will dig in deeper on another page
has a lot of teachings you may be interested in reading God Bless you & I pray He opens your
spiritual eyes , so you can see & Believe & receive Christ as your Savior , that you Repent,confess & are born again sealed with His Spirit Eph.1:13 Only by His Spirit in you, will Christ receive you John14:2 and by His shed Blood over you Eph.1:7
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